Uthai Forest

A community effort to reforest 140 Rai (230,000 sq. meters) of degraded, former paddy fields in Uthai Thani, Thailand.


The Uthai Forest project aims to plant trees and establish a food-producing forest in 230,000 m2 or 23 hectares of degraded rice paddies in Uthai Thani, Thailand through a community effort.

Besides afforestation, the main objective is to mobilize and empower as many people as possible to participate in restoring our Earth through concrete actions – planting trees and learning low-impact ways of living.

This project will also benefit the local farming community by sharing eco-friendly practices and creating alternative jobs to conventional rice cultivation. As humans are the species responsible for climate change, Uthai Forest also creates an opportunity for us to act now, instead of waiting for others to do something.

Get involved by adopting a plot, donating or volunteering

Our Christmas fundraiser with NGO Ecosystem Restoration Camps aims to raise money for Uthai Forest to plant trees, build a solar pump for water management, prepare land for restoration in 2020, and build huts for volunteers. 15% of the proceeds will be used to support projects similar to Uthai Forest, around the world.

Help us to #GrowHope this holiday season; donate here!

Uthai Forest is generously supported by Goh Foundation, Singapore; All Green Learning Center, Thailand, and friends and peers from around the world.

Uthai Forest website: www.uthaiforest.org

Facebook: facebook.com/uthaiforest.th

Instagram: Instagram.com/uthai_forest